Our company

Our tax advisory and auditing office Dravecký & Partner offers the complex advisory in the area of taxes, statutory audit and book-keeping since the year 2000. Our team of specialists has a long year experience and know-how, which are used effectively by providing our advisory services. We possess the tax advisory and auditing licence.

Why us?

We will help you in orientation within the complex and always changing environment of legal regulations in the Slovak republic. Our advisory is always based on the complex evaluation of the problem and optimal and effective solution within the valid legislation.

Our main area of practice

The main area of our practice is the tax advisory, nevertheless we will be happy to offer you also our auditing and book-keeping services and enable you to answer all your questions in one place. We will be happy to adjust our services to your requirements. Therefore, if you process your book-keeping in SAP, we will not try to convince you to change it for some other system, but we will those to adapt.
Intentionally, our team is built of a smaller number of members. The reason is, that we want everyone to personally take part in the solution of the questions of our clients. This provides you following benefits: quality, rapid and effective provision of services, under participation of specialists on the solution of your problem.