Proper book-keeping services are of major importance for every company. Therefore, what you need is a strong partner on your side. Furthermore, we are able to follow your individual requirements in case you are using your own information- or book-keeping system and we will not force you to use any other. In this way, we will not only optimize the costs of your book-keeping, but also enable you a comfort access to the processed data and preliminary results.

Should you be considering what book-keeping or information systems you need, we will be happy to help you to find the one, that is most suitable for you. Furthermore, we will support you by its introduction and set-up and we will follow by providing the controlling reporting and book-keeping services in such system. Within the years we have gained experience with SAP, ABRA or Czech system Byznys.
We are ready to provide you our advisory services in following areas:
  • Book-keeping in any defined information- or book-keeping system,
  • Book-keeping Controlling,
  • Book-keeping reconstruction,
  • Book-keeping monitoring,
  • Methodical book-keeping advisory,
  • Outsourcing of the processing of salaries,
  • Personalistic,
  • Methodical salary advisory.
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