The statutory audit is necessary in case this is imposed to you by the respective valid legislation or internal regulations of the company, e.g. in case your company is a member of an international group. The auditing services are also needed in case you want to examine the book-keeping in connection with the planned potential investment into the company. Such examination allows you to get the realistic picture of the current stand of the book-keeping.

Accuracy and discretion - these are two attributes we follow when providing the auditing services. You may rely on our specialists!
We are ready to provide you our advisory services in following areas:
  • Statutory audit of the annual financial statement according to national or international standards,
  • Consultancy by the preparation of the annual statements and balance sheets,
  • Audit for special purposes,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Audit on the consolidated annual financial statement,
  • Examination of the book-keeping, book-keeping proceedings and continuous statements.
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